Saturday, July 19, 2008

Disney World (or how I learned to relax and embrace the cheese)

After much debate about our summer vacation spot this year we finally settled on a full-on Disney vacation including staying at a Disney resort and a seven-day pass to all the various parks.  The news of our destination was greeted by laughter about our impending fate and multiple warnings from our adult friends.  Maybe it was because of the lowered expectations, but I have to say that we ended up having a fantastic time.  The place is set up perfectly to appeal to all ages and the smaller than normal crowds (high gas prices) made for relatively short lines.

Highlights:  Sandee & I:  Dinner at Paul & Sandra's; Roya:  Lunch with the Princesses; Darya:  Picture with Jasmine  ;) ; Shiva:  Hanging at the pool.

Favorite ride:  Star Wars simulator in the Hollywood Studios park.  I want one for my den.

Disney World 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Roya sings "Hi. My name is Joe"

This impromptu performance by Roro caught us by surprise.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mellowest Fourth of July in a long while

Want to get away from the DC tourists on Fourth of July weekend?  Befriend Shannan and Tom and maybe they'll invite you to their cabin in West Virginia for the weekend (or you can just pay up and rent the place).  The kids had a blast and we mostly fished, floated around, cooked and ate.  We even had an extended fireworks show from the folks at the public campground nearby.  Obviously some ex-military people with explosives experience from the size of their setup (visible in one of the album pix).

Revelations:  Fishing is really fun when you actually catch a lot of fish; Bud Lite Lime is a good summer beer.

Fourth of July Weekend at the Moore Cabin